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Don’t Lose Your Patients Because of Summer

Summer tends to be a slow period for private practitioners. Flu season has ended, allergy season is in hiatus, cold/cough is months away, and people do not want to have their annual physical ruin their intake of BBQ.

However, if you have Halo Health's digital patient education system in your waiting room, Summer can be a very busy time. Late Spring through the Summer is a great time to promote your programs that are in tune with what is on the top of people’s minds. Nutrition counseling, weight loss programs, skin cancer prevention and detection, pool safety, smoking cessation, alcohol counseling, and sports physicals should be introduced to your patients when the weather is getting or is hot.

The nice thing about these programs is that while some are one time visits, most are routine visits that keep your offices full and staff busy during a normal downtime. A customized, ad-free digital patient education system like Halo Health’s in your waiting room allows you to start talking about these events in anticipation of Summer. Discussing wellness leading up to Summer makes your patients more aware of their health as they begin to think about looking and feeling better.

Your customized DPE system also allows you to get a jump on your Fall appointments- flu shots, Fall allergy testing, Back to School physicals, etc. The system will cover these topics in August and September as people begin to start to think about the seasons changing.

Contact us today at 856-520-8655 or to learn how we can help keep your office full- even during the naturally slow periods of the Summer.

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