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Interacting with Your Patients

We recently partnered with 1st Healthcare Compliance on a webinar that was focused on how to help practices increase their patients’ compliance through education. The tactics included investing in a more informative website, building a social media presence, embracing Tele-medicine, improving patient communications and turning your office into an education station.

During this webinar, we conducted a poll and asked “Do you use video in your patient education?” Shockingly, over 75% of the practices did not. We are consuming hundreds of millions of hours of video every day. And in the moment when we actually want people to remember what you are telling them, we are handing them a pamphlet. No wonder that our patient education is lacking.

Health systems and practices need to realize that we live in a visual society and work with companies like Halo to get their content- and other educational videos- in front of their patients at their time of need. The key is to have a well thought out, integrated approach for this. Something like…

Greeting your patients with a tablet registration system that enables you to pinpoint why the patient is visiting. Then once they are seated, have targeted education running on your TV that informs patients about the practice and the services you provide, your health system and its services that are tandem to your practice, and general health and wellness tips.

When they go to their exam room, you hand them a tablet which has specific topics for the patients to learn about while they wait. The tablet also has information about the other health system services that the health professional may recommend. After the appointment, the patient receives an email with a detailed description of the appointment along with instructions on how to log into your portal. Once in the portal, there are videos loaded for your patient to watch based on their diagnosis.

To keep your patients on track, you tweet and post interesting information and videos plus email this information in a newsletter. Suddenly, your patients are engaged, informed, and ready to work with you on their treatment. And the best part is that the cost is less than a latte a day!

Contact us to get started. You won’t be disappointed. 856-520-8655

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