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Colleges and Universities Need Health and Wellness Education Stations

My daughter is a freshman in college. She had to visit the infirmary this week to deal with a cold. As I was asking questions about what her diagnosis was, what meds were given, and the directions to administer them, I realized that there is a significant need for health and wellness education stations on campuses.

Aside from dealing with issues like safe sex, respect, behavioral health, and campus events, these stations could inform students about preventing pink eye, mono, mumps, the flu, and other communicable diseases. Topics like alcohol, drug, and tobacco abuse can be covered as can anorexia and bulimia. Diet, nutrition, and exercise content can help spur to get students moving and aware of the impact of their food choices.

In short, every issue that a health system needs to cover occurs on a college campus plus the myriad of issues that I mentioned that are more college centric. Colleges and universities have a lot of intercept points to catch students in dining halls, dorms, class buildings, rec centers, and the student center. Instead of using their current digital boards to just promoting school activities and a couple of social justice issues, they can partner with someone like Halo Health and turn them into a dynamic information system that integrates the whole student’s life.

Using Halo’s video library and partnerships with key medical associations, they can send email blasts with helpful tips on living healthier while away from home, during stressful times, and any other time where poor eating and drinking habits may pop up.

Let’s challenge students to tackle societal issues like obesity, diabetes, COPD, and smoking by providing them with knowledge that their habits today form their life of tomorrow. Students are focused on changing the world, but they lack the basic knowledge of how to change themselves. Health and wellness education stations can help.

If you are interested in partnering with Halo Health, please visit to see our solutions or call (856) 520-8655 to discuss a plan.

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