The Power of Marketing to Your Current Patients

As a health system, you have invested heavily in marketing. You have spent millions of dollars on your logo, print ads, TV commercials, radio spots, YouTube videos, banner ads, community sponsorships, websites, literature and more. You enhance your patient experience by training “your people” to be friendlier and more compassionate, your office décor was updated to make it more modern and brighter, and you send out surveys to see how you are doing. And you still are not seeing the results of your hard work. Does this sound familiar? One reason may be that you have not implemented a customized, ad-free patient education system in their office waiting areas. Instead, you are letting the o

Why is “Patient Experience” bad?

I have seen a lot of articles, blogs and posts suggesting that the term “Patient Experience” is inherently bad because it is derived from the term “Customer Experience”. Their focus is the word “Customer” which to them means a sale is involved and that a Patient is not buying anything, they get treated. I believe that these people need to look broader into what the “Customer Experience” really means. As a former CPG executive for almost 20 years, I have seen many companies and brands (both large and small) develop their version of the Customer Experience. And I can tell you, no matter what the company calls the person a “customer”, “guest”, “shopper”, “consumer” or “member”, their ultimat

Prevention, health, wellness and education should be top priority…..

However with healthcare constantly changing, focusing on symptoms rather that the cause, you need to have something to help providers get a better, clearer picture to your patient’s health history and learn about you as a potential patient. How does that work? Educating your patients instead of senseless TV. If you go into a physician’s office and you hear a cooking show, news or mindless TV, then you will never get a better picture to your patient’s health. People waiting are disinterested and do not pay attention, then since they are waiting for a while you will have a harder time to get the patients to open up as they are only focusing on getting out of your office. If your TV provides in

Take the Time to Show Your Patients You Care

Almost every ad for a health system, individual physician, or healthcare provider states that they love their patients. Some print up buttons, t shirts and other swag to brainwash the patients into feeling this love. However for most of patient, though, that experience of love lasts less than 10 minutes. The rest of the time, patients are basically left unloved in the waiting room or the exam room. There are a number of ways that you can make this love be more heartfelt. Some are as simple as training your staff to be friendlier and more engaging. Two minutes of small talk can make a world of a difference to someone nervous about their appointment. Another really good way to personally

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