Doctors Versus Patients

Healthcare absolutely amazes me. I have been in the field for a very long time, yet it still surprises me. People go into the hospital due to some serious pain or attack. They want to be seen right away, given a pill to make everything go away and then they want to go home, yet are surprised when the doctor wants to keep them overnight. The physicians try to do their best by seeing the patient (or sending in one of their “people”) yet patients are being asked the same questions by different people all trying to fix the issue at hand. Physicians and providers need to realize that the people who come in the hospital don’t feel well, they are scared, tired, in pain and are being shuffled like c

Why Patient Education is Ineffective

Most healthcare professionals will agree that the level of patient education given to their patients is substandard. Most will also agree that simple changes to the current way it is done would yield huge results. However, the healthcare industry is reticent to change. The main reasons the current patient education system is ineffective are: 1. The materials are outdated. In many cases, the brochures and handouts that the offices use are outdated both in content and appeal. The brochures are typically printed in bulk and used until completed- whether that takes 6 months or six years. 2. The methods are not in tune with how people learn. The world has changed from people bein

A Patient Education App that is Actually Easy to Use

Wait, that can’t be true! Someone has developed a patient education app that is easy for the staff and patients to use? Yes, Halo Health’s new app is so easy to use, even your oldest patients can figure it out by themselves. Not only that, but the content gets customized for your usage and Halo Health brands the whole app after your practice, health system or center. Your patients actually think you created this awesome tool. And unlike other apps, there are no ads, the only messages your patients hear are yours. Getting started is simple. Click here to schedule your demo. From there, we just need to choose topics and videos. Your patients will be using the app in less than a week! You

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