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Happy Birthday Halo Health!

If I can humble brag a bit, Halo Health turns 7 this month. In this time, we took an idea and turned it into a company that has helped millions of patients learn more about their providers, their disease states and how to live healthier. But our work is not done. We need to continue to reach more providers to help them impact their patients.

Halo Health has always had one simple goal- to help our friends and neighbors live healthier. We do that by working with our clients to create compelling content that explains the services their office provides with their look and feel. We do this commercial free, so the only messages patients hear are from their healthcare provider. And we do it for less than $5 per day.

We are growing brick by brick to ensure that every client get sour full attention and that they are happy with the quality of the content, service and focus that we provide. We work tirelessly to improve the user friendliness of our platforms and now offer three unique products that help educate while people wait.

Our “mass viewing” vehicle in waiting rooms replaces traditional cable tv with a personalized education station that reaches your specific patient demographics with pertinent information that resonates with your patients. It allows you to start the culture of learning in waiting areas, where most people begin their preparations for their appointments.

Our individual vehicle works on tablets and laptops. Through its simple point and click menus, we allow a patient to research their individual health concerns in the privacy of their exam room. This educational tool really helps the patient prepare for the important conversations that will follow when their provider arrives.

Our education channels focus on a disease state and drills deep into the topic while the patient is convalescing in a rehab facility or hospital room. It integrates with most existing TV systems and is typically 80% less expensive than the current providers.

The biggest challenge our company has faced has been getting the notoriety that we believe we deserve. Our hope is that you take the time to read this, share it with your colleagues then call us to start a conversation that will help your patients go on a health journey armed with information.

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