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Customized Patient Education for Your Entire Health System or Practice

Patient Education is vital to positive outcomes. Patient education allows patients to become better educated on ways to improve their life. It engages them to understand how to live better. And it empowers them to take control of their life and live healthier. As an added bonus, well informed patients follow treatment plans better.

Patient need to know how to manage chronic illnesses, how to live healthier, how to prepare/recover for/from surgery, where to get the help they need, how to care for themselves at home, what other services are available, etc.

However, the current patient education process is not totally patient friendly. The patient is force fed information, papers to review and forms to sign, during discharge that is akin to visiting a mechanic for your car. They really do not know what they are reading or signing, just that if they do, they get to go home. The patient then becomes frantic when they get home and have to “do it” by themselves- whether it is dressing a wound or giving themselves insulin.

But there is a solution and Halo Health can help. Halo Health has created an integrated program that allows you to educate patients in your waiting rooms, exam rooms, in-patient rooms, and at their home through your portal and EMR email system. Our platform allows you to help your patients navigate your health system and their health in a format that they are used to receiving information- videos and simple bursts of information.

We customize each location’s content to maximize your message to that demographic. For instance, a cardiac patient will learn about managing their disease as well as the locations for the rehab center and health center and the dates and times for smoking cessation classes.

Our In Patient platform brings you branded, customized patient education channels to your patients through your existing TV system. These channels are controlled remotely and run 24 hours a day on a continuous loop. These channels combine your education resources with Halo Health’s content library to give the patient both “hard core” and less complex health and wellness information. The channel layouts are designed to maximize your patient education and navigation exposure.

Our Waiting and Exam Room platform integrates your marketing assets with our content to create videos educate and inform your patients about your Community and Individual Patient Care Programs, Individual Office and Staff Specialties, Key Initiatives on Preventative Health, General Health and Wellness Information, and Ancillary Service Providers.

One of the best parts of the Halo Health platform is that it can be carved up to be sent directly to your patients. This way you can provide individualized segments based on your patients’ needs. With over 3000 videos in our library, we have plenty of content for you to send to your patients needing to learn about diabetes management, nutrition, diet, exercise, heart health, smoking cessation and 140 other topics. These videos can be part of your portal, sent to your patients via email or text, or run on your office PCs as an education library.

Contact us today ( or 856-520-8655) to learn more.


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