What is Digital Patient Education and How Does it Work in 5 Quick Q&A's

There is a lot of discussion and mystery surrounding digital patient education. What is it? How does it work? Do I need it? Can I make money from it? Will it help my practice/patients/staff? The next few paragraphs will help answer some of those questions. What is Digital Patient Education? Simply it is an audio video content system usually run through a TV monitor that spotlights health and wellness tips and practice information. Typically there are two types of education services. One is supplied to the practice by third party vendors that work with pharmaceutical companies and retailers to influence purchase and prescribing. The other service is subscription based and allows cu

Five Reasons You Will Increase Revenue by Increasing Your Focus on Patient Education

A key components of the new healthcare reform is patient education. However, most practitioners look at patient education as an expense. Patient education is seen as a time hog and as an intrusion. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, patient education is an excellent way to generate additional revenue. By empowering your patients to learn more about their health, your services, and how to manage both, you have an unique opportunity to increase your per patient revenue. Smarter Patients are more involved with their health.Patients who are more engaged with their health are more open to working with you on solutions.Suggesting sessions with your nutritionist is ea

Five Ways Digital Patient Education Systems Helps Your Patients Navigate Your Health System While in

When looking at digital patient navigation/patient education network, you need to find one that provides you with the flexibility to customized information. You want to make sure your health system’s core services, locations, and community events can be spotlighted in a professional and timely manner. You also want to be able to intertwine your ancillary programs into the content to let the patient know that they are surrounded (in a good way) with everything they need to manage their health. The five main areas every digital patient education loop should cover are: Community and Individual Patient Care Programs. Include information on Grand Openings, Clinics, Classes, Portal Information,

Five Ways Customizable Digital Patient Education Improves Your Patients’ Waiting Room Experience

Everyone hates to wait for their appointment. But until an “on demand” option gets created, your patients do not have an option. By replacing daytime TV with a customized digital patient education system, you can help improve your patients’ waiting experience. Customized Digital Patient Educational Programming Makes Wait Seem Shorter. Studies by AC Nielsen and a host of digital media trade groups have shown that offices with digital patient education systems in their waiting rooms have shorter perceived wait times. Part of this is because of the engaging content, but another part is that there are no “change of shows” and scheduled commercial breaks which patients are used to when watchi

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