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Halo Health wants to make your waiting room work for you. 

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Halo Health helps you educate your patients in waiting rooms, exam rooms, in patient rooms, and at home.  Everything is customized to your needs, helping your patients navigate their health and your health system with ease.

Your Waiting Areas are your patients' first impression.  Is it the type of practice you want to be treated in?  By making this simple changes, the answer will be "Yes!"

Referrals are the lifeblood of your practice, but it is getting harder to capture them.  By following these strategies, your practice will increase referrals and patient revenue.

The current ways of providing patient education does not yield great results- over 98% of patients cannot remember the risks associated with their disease. Turn to an expert to help your patients live healthier- and remember what you say!

Halo Health and AC Media Resources help you educate your in patients for less.  We customize each channel to your specific needs and do it for a tenth of the price of the other guys.  Help your patients navigate their health and your health system.

Customized, Ad-free Digital Patient Education Systems enhance the Patient Experience.  They help the patient manage your health system as well as their health.  This makes their wait time more productive.

By focusing on three hidden cost centers, you can make your practice more profitable and provide a better patient experience.

You are losing patients and credibility by ignoring Dr. Google, Dr. Facebook and their other colleagues. Take control of your patients by being their go to resource when they have questions. These simple steps help you achieve that goal.

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