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Personalized, Ad-free Digital Patient Education for Your Entire Health System or Practice.

We are your one stop health education solution. From waiting area, to in-room facility channels, to after discharge continuing education, Halo Health offers an integrated platform that works with you to enhance the patient experience through education.


Our HDTV based systems are customized to promote your specialties, ancillary service providers, treatment techniques, health ideologies, and community resources.  The only messages your patients hear are yours!

Ellen Magenheim, President

Ellen explains why you, as a healthcare provider, should care about Halo Health's service.

She explains why our service can help your patients live healthier and stay in network- all for about $5 per day!

How Our Systems Work...

How Halo Health System Works

Our network is set up to allow your HDTV screen to be updated in real time. Not only will you get new health content every month from our extensive library, but you have the ability to update your practice's information or add and subtract content whenever you choose.


Since each individual HDTV screen is its own station, you can have two TVs in the same room running completely different content! This flexibility allows you the best opportunity to get your specific message to your patients. 

Messages could include:

  • Staff Profiles

  • Office Hours

  • Insurances Accepted

  • Community Involvement

  • Patient Engagement Events

  • Ancillary service providers, specialists, other facilities, partners, and more! 


The best part is that we do all of the work, including the content creation, providing the equipment, and setting up and completing the installation!

For even more in-depth information on how our systems work and how you can benefit, please click on the PDF link below:

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