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Political Views Do Not Belong in Your Waiting Rooms

We were in a meeting the other day and one of the participants was particularly off color. Aside from being insensitive to others, the person touched on the forbidden three- race, religion and politics. We were initially shocked; our focus was on our digital patient education platforms and how they help their patients live healthier and help their patients navigate their health system more easily.

Inadvertently, we had opened the window for this digression by discussing how day time TV does not help patients live better, learn more about their healthcare providers, or where to go for particular services unless you consider a competitor a viable answer.

The person took the CNN/Fox News angle to the extreme. After the person calmed down, we took the opportunity to explain that this stoked up conversation was happening every day in their health system waiting rooms and there would not be a winner from the interactions.

People are more sensitive to perceived hate speak and the “wrong” political views. They also are very quick to post any perceived injustice online via social media. We explained that the last thing you wanted to see was a Google review that panned your health system because they had a disagreement about their political leanings with a fellow patient or worse a staffer.

The beauty of a personalized, advertising free digital patient education platform is that the only messages your patients hear are from you, by you and approved by you. Your patients may “want to watch TV”, but, this should be a time that they focus on the tools needed to live healthier, to manage their chronic diseases better, and to form a bond with their care team.

Cable TV will never give you that opportunity since the programming is not specific to your needs and the competition’s advertising allows them to get between your patient and your prescribers.

Please take the time to contact Halo Health (856-520-8655,,, we can create a solution for you that is effective and less expensive than your current cable bill.

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