Bridging the Medical Gap between the Good Old Days and Today......

We as a society are given so much information on how to live longer, join a gym, use this youth cream, go on this diet, and if you feel this way ask your doctor for this medication. I remember the good old days when you went to you doctor, they knew your name, your families name and spent more than 10 minutes with you. You were treated for your specific symptoms and finding out why you were feeling that way, given a treatment plan that worked best for you that both you and your physician agreed upon. I call it the what, why’s and how to help people feel better. Today most health care providers are spent looking at a computer screen, asking generic questions and treating your symptoms and not

Waiting Room Education Systems Should Spur Questions, Not Answers

As waiting room patient education systems continue to get more popular, healthcare providers are getting more options to choose. Suppliers offer systems that run the gamut to “free” one size fits all to subscription based systems that customize the content to the specific office demographics. Each of these systems have pluses and minuses ranging from the amount of customization, the quality of the content, the office’s control over the content showed, and the impact on the patient. One thing that should be universally true though is that the content should focus on symptoms, not solutions. Patients should be given cursory knowledge of a particular disease state that includes the basic sig

Three Areas to Simplify Your Practice

You are entering into the home stretch of the business year 2015 and your staff is constantly dealing with change: ICD-10 is coming October 1, new credit card processing procedures also hit in October, and new HIPAA requirements are always looming. The pace to stay ahead of the curve is getting harder and harder. You need to simplify parts of your practice and let the experts take over: Merchant Services. There are very few businesses as complicated as credit card processing. Rates change based on usage, the type of charge, the type of card, etc. And now thanks to the new chip inside of credit cards, your processing equipment needs to be updated. Don’t try to figure this part of your

Back to school Means Back to Work. How to focus on building a stronger business.....

Back to school days is on everyone’s mind. Labor Day has come and gone and with fall, comes new beginnings and new focus. With focus on education, what are you doing to educate people on your business? Take a look around your office and start to think about an office makeover. For example if you have a TV playing cable, cooking or game shows, how are you teaching your clients about the services that you provide? You may want to think about putting in a digital education system that is customizable to allow those people you have sitting in your waiting area to be educated on your services instead of how to make soup or the drama that is on daytime TV. If your business has multiple services yo

Three Ways You Can Become More Relatable to Your Patients

One of the key buzz phrases within patient satisfaction is that healthcare providers need to become more relatable. But what does that really mean? In my opinion, it means that you make an attempt to befriend your patient. I am not talking about having dinner with them, but find some common grounds to show that you care about them as a person. Based on that definition of relatable, please see three simple ways you can become closer to your patients. Build Social Media Relationships. The first way to become more relatable is to humanize yourself in their eyes. Open a Facebook account that you only use for business purposes (different than a fan page) and friend your patients. Wish them

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