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Needed- More Education on Nutrition

I was meeting with a friend of mine today who works in the nutrition world. We were talking about how much education a person needs to get to know how to eat better. Aside from the simple concepts regarding healthy foods, carbs versus fats versus protein, avoiding added sugar and the like, we started to talk about food allergies.

Food allergies are one of the leading causes of poor health, with over 50MM Americans suffering from food related allergies. People may have reactions to or problems handling vitamins and minerals as well as foods and additives. Something as simple as not being able to absorb folic acid can seriously affect a person’s mood and mental health. However, most people do not know enough about Food Panel Tests to even fathom that they should be getting testing done on a regular basis.

A basic Food Allergy Panel tests for allergies to 45 foods including common fruits and vegetables, dairy products including cow’s milk, cheese, yogurt and eggs, peanuts and nut mix, grains including wheat and soybeans, meats and fish including shellfish, shrimp, tuna, beef and chicken, cocoa, pepper, garlic, MSG, and yeast. It should be an important part of a primary care physicians annual physical tool kit, especially if a patient experiences any extreme changes on their basic blood panel test.

However, it is a hard topic to broach during the routine physical. This is where a company like Halo Health comes in. Our waiting room patient education platform is a great way to introduce the virtues of healthy eating, the signs and symptoms of common food allergies, and the best way to work with your healthcare professional to identify and alleviate any allergies.

Our education stations are personalized to your practice, spotlighting your services, staff, and points of emphasis as well as general health and wellness education. The content engages patients to be educated while they wait and helps spur better conversations with you. Since we are advertising free, the only messages the patients hear are yours. You do not need to worry about the outside influences on cable TV or free education systems like pharmaceutical commercials, unhealthy lifestyle choices, or competitors’ commercials.

Education is a pillar of satisfaction. Please contact us to get your practice moving into becoming an educational resource for your patients. Visit or call (856) 520-8655 today.

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