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In House Messaging Boards Are Not Patient Education

A couple of potential clients have told us that they are not interested because they have in house messaging systems in their lobbies. These systems alert people of cafeteria hours, parking validation procedures, gift shop hours, and the like. This is all important information for visitors, but it cannot be considered patient education.

Patient education should be designed to help the patient navigate their health and their health system. It should focus on content that is compelling to the patient in terms of learning how to live healthier through diet, exercise, and proper nutrition, how to manage or avoid their health issues (or potential issues) like diabetes, COPD, obesity, hypertension, heart disease and more, or where to get help inside of the health system like x rays, MRIs, PT, specialists, health centers, DME providers and more.

Good patient education should focus on introducing staff and team members to your patients, highlighting community events and workshops that bring the health system’s resources to their patients, and providing confidence that the patient chose the right people to help them in their health journey.

Great patient education is both personalized and customized to give each location its own vibe and extend the culture of your health system. It should never include traditional advertising for retailers, pharma companies, and supplements. The only message that your patients should hear when they are in your offices is yours.

If you are interested in learning about outstanding patient education, contact Halo Health. We focus on making sure your patients are engaged, satisfied, and informed. We cover topics in easy to understand ways that spur questions in your consultations. We direct behavior that increases compliance, keeps people in your health system and reduces readmissions.

We offer waiting room, exam room, in patient, website/social media, email, and EMR based platforms that enable you to build a learning environment from the second your patient contacts you. And we do it all for less than cost of cable TV.

When you are ready to have your patients live better, we are ready to help. Contact us at 856-520-8655 or

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