New Partnership Yields Integrated Waiting Room

Halo Health just forged a partnership with Unicomp Corporation of America (UCoA) that integrates UCoA’s patient registration kiosk with Halo’s HDTV digital patient education system. For Urgent Care Centers, multi-practice specialties, single practitioner offices, and health systems, this means that once a patient registers using the iQ Kiosk system, their first name/last initial and an expected wait time will be broadcast on Halo’s education systems in conjunction with Halo’s health and wellness information. This interaction gives the practice another level of communication with the patient to help them stay informed on their health. One of the great frustrations with waiting for the appoin

Get Your Copays Paid!

To quote H&R Block, “Doctors, Get Your Money Back!” Statistics have shown that 33% to 60% of the available health insurance copayments do not get collected. To put it in perspective, for every 100 patients you see with $25 copays, you are losing $832-$1,500. If you see 5,000 patients per year, the lost copays would equal the cost of your front office staff. You need to get serious and collect your copayments. Halo Health can help. Our digital patient education systems, run in place of cable TV in your waiting rooms, speak directly to your patient and help them navigate your visit. Offices with our service have seen increased revenue just by directing patients to show their insurance ca

Doctors- Don't Be Patient Engagement Experts

2015 has been very challenging for you. You are trying to: comply with every new regulation and industry trend stay up on advances in technology and new care techniques understand government and health insurer changes keep the same high level of care that your patients expect While you are seeing: practice income decrease on a per patient basis patient loads increase free time disappear Something has to give. When it comes to Patient Engagement, you should look to outsource. Patient Engagement is a fancy term used to describe marketing strategies. Marketing is the communication of ideas to achieve a desired outcome. Whether you are trying to have patient comply with treatment plans or c

Health Systems- Start Loving Your Current Patients!

Congratulations, your marketing has worked! You have a burgeoning portfolio of patients coming to your offices every day. Your practices are very busy and you are generating more revenue than ever. Now is the perfect time to start focusing on your patients currently in your health system. Each current patient poses the dream triple threat for you: They can utilize more of your services as they go through the continuum of life. They can bring immediate family members to your health system. They can refer their friends, family and neighbors to your health system. But before they can become model patients, you need to tell them three important things: What services you offer Where those serv

Halo Health Helps Your Patients Beat the Heat

One of the great things that Halo Heath’s digital patient education systems can do is help your patients with timely issues in their health and wellness lives. For instance, our content in June, July, and August all deal with dealing with the summer heat. However, instead of providing one or two suggestions, patients watching our network get a comprehensive dose of heat beating strategies. In June alone, we are covering seven different ways: The correct amount of sunscreen to wear The types of clothing that reduces body heat The importance of hydration The types of drinks that cause dehydration Foods that help with hydration Precautions to take if you are going to continue outdoor workouts

New Cost Effective Way to Recruit for Clinical Trials

Recruiting patients for clinical trials is very expensive. A 2011 study by Cutting Edge Information said that 32% of the clinical trial cost is spent on recruiting*. Coupled with a Clinical Leader article stating that a single trial typically approaches $100MM in cost**, you are looking at over $30MM in patient recruitment. CROs and Pharmaceutical companies need to embrace new ways to reach patients more efficiently and cost effectively. One such way is to utilize digital patient education systems like Halo Health’s in healthcare office waiting rooms. Our TV monitor based systems broadcast ad-free health and wellness information to help the patient live better and prepare for their appo

Reach Your Patients Better

In our world of instant access via social media, the way we communicate with each other has changed. Information that took years to compile is now available in seconds. Patients demand solutions in real time- and if you are not able to answer, they will google someone who can. To excel in this environment, you need to create a very simple two-step process to speak to your patients called Educate and Engage. Educate. In order to gain the trust and respect, you need to provide your patients with the opportunity to learn about their health and how to avoid diseases at every step in their health journey. This includes every touch point you have with your patient- on your website, in your wai

Pharmacists- the Key to Good Health

I was reading an article in the May 2015 Drug Topics about the ACA and the role of the pharmacist centering on the pharmacist being key to two important parts of the healthcare reform- reducing readmissions and medication management. When you think about it, it is obvious. The person filling the prescriptions from the different physicians for the same patient would be the best person to recognize potential reactions between drugs. The article also touched on the different ways a pharmacist can consult with a patient to help them live healthier- all of which fall under the ACA value based care model- making them “billable”. Put quite simply, pharmacists are the key to eliminating the silos

Your Voice: Your Most Important Health Tool

As a healthcare professional, your voice is your most effective tool. Many times, the way you explain diagnoses, treatments, and prognoses is the difference between compliance and non-compliance. Your voice with your staff makes the office cheerful and energetic. It is the reason why people seek you out to be treated by you. To build a successful practice, you need to make sure patients hear your voice the entire time they are in your office, not just during the exam. This is where customized, ad-free waiting room Digital Patient Education systems like Halo Health’s helps. We promote your practice’s service, your medical beliefs, and your patient’s good health on your TV monitor while th

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