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Your Voice: Your Most Important Health Tool

As a healthcare professional, your voice is your most effective tool. Many times, the way you explain diagnoses, treatments, and prognoses is the difference between compliance and non-compliance. Your voice with your staff makes the office cheerful and energetic. It is the reason why people seek you out to be treated by you.

To build a successful practice, you need to make sure patients hear your voice the entire time they are in your office, not just during the exam. This is where customized, ad-free waiting room Digital Patient Education systems like Halo Health’s helps. We promote your practice’s service, your medical beliefs, and your patient’s good health on your TV monitor while they wait to see you for their appointment.

Together we work hard to make sure you are communicating with your patients:

  • More Regularly. Typically patients wait 34 minutes before they are seen. We cover 9-12 topics in that time- all with you as the star of the show.

  • More Efficiently. By presenting education while the patients are waiting, they are more apt to ask better questions, listen to treatment options, and adhere to plans than waiting rooms with Cable TV.

  • More Casually. The education systems present the topics in a passive way that people are used to receiving information- on a TV screen. The segments are quick and basic. You still are the ultimate decision maker. We just help prep your patient.

  • More Productively. Offices with education systems have shorter perceived wait times and enjoy fewer distractions based on the “closed” nature of the programs.

  • More Digestible. By covering topics in 2-3 minute bursts, patients are able to consume the information better. We do not cover issues War and Peace style, we know your audience.

Speaking to your patients before they see you is a key component to establishing the tone of the meeting. Get them used to hearing your voice so you can have a more productive and profitable conversation with them. Contact us to discuss further at 856-520-8655 or

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