OT’s Embrace Digital Patient Education

You have a tough job in the occupational health field. While most in the health profession ask a patient “What's the matter with you?", you ask "What matters to you?" From there, you work with the person of any age or ability to achieve those goals. You are the person who gets someone back to their “old self” in the ways that matter. But yet, most people do not know what you do and why they should care. This is where patient education, more specifically digital patient education, comes into play. You need a vehicle to explain that an occupational therapist improves a person’s ability to perform daily activities and how you achieve these goals. You need to explain how you are different

Tell Your Patients a Good (Disease State) Story

Everybody loves a good story. It grabs your attention and you can’t wait to read what comes next. You absorb every detail and imagine yourself in whatever situation is happening in the story. Now think about how your patients are currently being educated. You are probably giving the information to the patient on video or pamphlet at a time, talking about signs, symptoms, or treatments of a very specific sub-segment of a disease state. There is little continuity between the education literature and may actually contradict each other or worse, your directions. Is that type of education compelling to the patient? Will it want them to learn more about their disease and how to get/stay health

Demand Better Patient Education! Demand Halo Health!

“I want my Halo Health!” should be a rallying cry in every waiting area in the country. The time has come that daytime TV and pharmaceutical advertising disguised as free patient education need to be ushered out of waiting areas and replaced with a customized, digital platform that makes your patients and your practice the star of the show. Your patients deserve your respect. While almost everyone when asked would prefer to watch TV, ask yourself how is daytime TV helping you grow your business, keep your patients engaged in their health, and make them healthier? Your patients will know their health is your foremost priority because Halo Health gives you a platform to tell them. So how do

Sometimes Your Patients Need Another Voice

We received a great call this week from a new partner. They were talking to one of their patients who said that they finally understood how the rest of the life was affecting their heart issues. This was after having numerous episodes, being readmitted to the hospital four or five times, and “being educated” by their staff about heart disease. When the nurse asked what changed, they said that “your new TV channel explained it to me in a way that I could understand and that I now realize what changes I need to make to avoid coming back.” As the creator of that new channel, I welled up with pride and felt that our whole program was justified. It got me thinking. Most people are probably li

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