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Demand Better Patient Education! Demand Halo Health!

“I want my Halo Health!” should be a rallying cry in every waiting area in the country. The time has come that daytime TV and pharmaceutical advertising disguised as free patient education need to be ushered out of waiting areas and replaced with a customized, digital platform that makes your patients and your practice the star of the show.

Your patients deserve your respect. While almost everyone when asked would prefer to watch TV, ask yourself how is daytime TV helping you grow your business, keep your patients engaged in their health, and make them healthier? Your patients will know their health is your foremost priority because Halo Health gives you a platform to tell them.

So how does it work? Easy, Halo Health installs a micro-computer behind your existing waiting room TV and streams customized information that promotes your staff, your services, your treatment philosophy, as well as general health and wellness information, trivia, and fun facts. Halo only needs access to the internet and a ten-minute call with your office manager to get started.

Your patients get a way to navigate their health and your health system during their wait for their appointment. Your office gets increased productivity as no one is asking to change the channel or gets distracted by watching their favorite show. You get better patient satisfaction scores, more positive outcomes and higher patient revenue.

You treat every patient as an individual, shouldn’t your waiting room help reinforce that message? Call Halo Health today to get started at 856-520-8655 or visit to see a sample.

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