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Patient Experience Means Making It Easier for the Patient…

I was reading a great article in the Harvard Business Journal by Dr. Sharon Kim and others about the patient experience and its effect on reducing missed appointments. A key highlight was over 3.6 million office visits are cancelled every year due to transportation issues which not only costs health systems and practitioners billions of dollars, but it also increases the strain on emergent patient costs.

The article dives into how Johns Hopkins and other health systems are trying to reconfigure their hospital and medical office designs to reduce stress on the patient. They are also assigning advocates to greet patients and help with navigate the facility and deal with patient issues.

The article reinforces one of our key beliefs at Halo Health- that people will enjoy their experiences better if they simply are educated on the process. Patients want to know how to live healthier, what services their health providers provide, where to go to get their needed care, and how to get there.

We recently partnered with a medical transportation company. They loved the idea of being presented to patients at their time of need. Whether it was moving a patient from a hospital to a facility, taking someone to an appointment, or bringing someone home after oral surgery, they got out in front of the patient to let them know they can get you home safe and sound. The health system that the company was a part of loved the fact that the transportation company got contracts from providers outside of their network. It grew their reach and revenue.

Part of the patient experience is getting patients the information they need at the right time, in the right place, in a manner they can understand. That is the key component of why you should partner with Halo Health. We are able to personalize your message to patients before, during and after their appointments through our waiting room, exam room, in patient and at home applications.

Contact us today to schedule a demonstration on how we can educate patients while they wait and keep the only message between your prescriber and your patient is yours. Visit or call 856-520-8655.

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