Non-Profit Associations and Foundations Must Embrace Digital Education Platforms

Many Non-Profit Associations and Foundations struggle to get their message out to potential donors, researchers, and partners because they are understaffed, underfunded and “old school”. Their ability to speak to people who can make a difference is compromised and their mission’s reach is not as great as it could be. By improving the effectiveness of their communication, they can increase their exposure to these key audiences which will in turn increase the number of people they can help. Digital Education Platforms like TV monitor based education stations in waiting areas of community centers, places of worship, places of business, schools, and health providers can really help the associa

Don’t Lose Your Patients Because of Summer

Summer tends to be a slow period for private practitioners. Flu season has ended, allergy season is in hiatus, cold/cough is months away, and people do not want to have their annual physical ruin their intake of BBQ. However, if you have Halo Health's digital patient education system in your waiting room, Summer can be a very busy time. Late Spring through the Summer is a great time to promote your programs that are in tune with what is on the top of people’s minds. Nutrition counseling, weight loss programs, skin cancer prevention and detection, pool safety, smoking cessation, alcohol counseling, and sports physicals should be introduced to your patients when the weather is getting or is

Have More Than One Service? Then You Need to Call Halo Health

If your company sells more than one product or service, you need to contact Halo Health. Our digital waiting area systems present all of your products and services to your current client base You will see the following benefits: Higher per customer revenue. Your current client base will buy more from you if you tell them what you do and how to buy it.Whether you are a physical therapist who informs patients that they work on knees and shoulders or a mechanic that does transmissions and oil changes, you will see an uptick in current client sales by simply telling them everything you do. Higher customer retention. By informing clients about the breadth of your product or services, you will fi

Who are Halo Health and Why You Should Care?

​​Today marks Halo Health’s 4 ½ Year Anniversary. Ellen Magenheim and I started this company on a very basic premise: that people can benefit from health and wellness education while they wait for their appointment. The idea was simple- put digital monitor systems in healthcare provider offices and allow the office to dictate what they wanted their patients to see. No outside advertisers, no product endorsements or treatment recommendations, just health info. We would do all of the work for the practice and charge about $125 per month (including equipment) to do this. The idea came from a personal need. As I was having back issues, my PCP sent me for an x-ray. Only after the radiologis

Three Ways to Communicate to Your Current Patients

Staying in contact with your current patients has gotten harder over the last few years. Patients are expecting more personal interaction while your time is shrinking. They want to manage their health when it is convenient for them, not you. Luckily, there are a few ways where you can communicate with your patients that do not take a lot of time but have major impact. 1. Create a social media presence for your practice. Use your website, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and Twitter as communication tools for your practice. Tell patients about the diseases you treat, the lifestyle that you want them to lead, the community events that you participate in, etc. Humanize your practice. Peop

Three Hidden Costs Killing Your Practice

Stop wasting time, money and energy on these three things and your practice will enjoy increases in patient satisfaction, profits and revenue and a decrease in costs. 1. Credit Card Processing Fees. Most practices process their credit card transactions through their bank. It is an easy add-on service for the practice and a very profitable add-on sale for the bank. Instead, invite a Merchant Services company like Tanker Consulting Services to review your transaction fees, swipe fees, terminal fees, and the like. Many can save medium sized practices $2500-$4000 per year. The best part is that after installation, there is no interruption to the practice work flow. Employees still swipe c

Turn Your Waiting Areas into Profit Centers

The best time to introduce products and services to your current patients is the time before their appointment. Reach them at their point of need, when their products and services are top of mind and ready to be utilized. Make your time together more productive and profitable. Turn your waiting areas into learning centers about your practice and its products and services. Kiosks- adding kiosks to your waiting room is a great way to guide patients to learn more about the products and services you offer while they wait to see you. These computer terminals visit hand selected websites including your sites, industry/association sites, and other sites that help reinforce your practice’s health

Three Easy Ways to Increase Referrals

With health systems in growth mode and gobbling up the independent doctors, it is getting harder to receive referrals as a smaller practice. Established referral relationships are ending because the referring physician needs to keep patients in network. The new healthcare guidelines are taking more of your time. But there are some techniques to increase your organic referrals that are easy to implement. Master Social Media. Increase your practice’s exposure by utilizing three main social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest). Tell people how great your practice is by producing interesting content (written and/or YouTube style video) on the diseases that you treat and the pr

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