Well Informed Patients are the Key to Risk Management

From a very high level, the real key to Patient Satisfaction scores is that the higher the level of satisfaction, the lower the risk of getting frivolous lawsuits filed against the hospital. It goes along the lines that a happier patient is less likely to complain about their services. This type of thought process is really important at the local office level where the amount of time and care a patient gets is typically getting shorter and shorter. You need to manage their expectations of personalized care with your daily patient load. One way to do this is to invest in customized digital patient education. This type of patient education allows you to speak to the patient about how to get

Well Informed Patients are More Engaged!

The above findings were from a 2012 Blue Shield of California Foundation survey . This is common sense for most people in the healthcare industry, but the findings were interesting. Among patients who reported feeling less involved and less informed about their care, for instance, only 33% said they were comfortable asking their provider questions. But that number jumped to 67% among patients who reported being informed about their health. * Among respondents who reported being highly informed about their health, more than 60% said they always understood treatment plans and providers' advice, compared with 18% of less informed patients. And only 44% said their doctor always explains things

How to Impact over 10,000 Lives Every Year!

Your word carries weight. Your patients, their loved ones, and friends all rely on your advice and guidance to keep them healthy and happy. Even if you have a smaller practice, you are impacting a ton of people in your community every day. If the average patient has 20 close relatives or friends, your message gets spread to over 10,000 people for every 500 you treat. This power needs to be harnessed to ensure that the messages that you give are understood. But it is hard to make everyone listen to you. You’re harried and they are nervous during their appointment. They want to pay attention and remember everything you said. However, most times it gets lost in translation. You need to re

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