Finally, Something Clinical, Marketing and IT Can All Agree On!

Traditionally all three of these departments do not mix well. Clinical only focuses on their immediate patient needs. Marketing only cares about the next patient. And IT slows everyone down. But, there is one thing that all three can agree on- Patient Experience, Engagement, and Satisfaction are the key to success for a health system. When combined, these terms mean that a patient received high quality care, was happy with the results and are motivated to stay health. That is a triple win for the core teams that care for, measure and communicate to the patient. How to achieve this nirvana is difficult. That is why a company like Halo Health is here. Halo helps the clinical staff with

The Key to Patient Experience is...

Changing the perceived culture of indifference in care. When CAHPS and other survey tools are provided to patients, they ask patients about the aspects of their experiences that are important to them. In other words, they ask patients to tell us what that individual patient cares about when related to their medical experience. Many of the questions focus on the communications and interactions between providers, staff and the patient. If the “professionals” are seen to be disengaged, distracted or indifferent, the patient feels neglected, rushed, and under-informed. Unlike most articles, the purpose of this is not to tell your employees to smile more, though that won’t hurt. It is to look

Common Complaints from Patients

Patients and doctors are in a tough spot. They need a company like Halo Health to help coordinate patient communications and patient educat

Interacting with Your Patients

We recently partnered with 1st Healthcare Compliance on a webinar that was focused on how to help practices increase their patients’ compliance through education. The tactics included investing in a more informative website, building a social media presence, embracing Tele-medicine, improving patient communications and turning your office into an education station. During this webinar, we conducted a poll and asked “Do you use video in your patient education?” Shockingly, over 75% of the practices did not. We are consuming hundreds of millions of hours of video every day. And in the moment when we actually want people to remember what you are telling them, we are handing them a pamphlet.

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