Political Views Do Not Belong in Your Waiting Rooms

We were in a meeting the other day and one of the participants was particularly off color. Aside from being insensitive to others, the person touched on the forbidden three- race, religion and politics. We were initially shocked; our focus was on our digital patient education platforms and how they help their patients live healthier and help their patients navigate their health system more easily. Inadvertently, we had opened the window for this digression by discussing how day time TV does not help patients live better, learn more about their healthcare providers, or where to go for particular services unless you consider a competitor a viable answer. The person took the CNN/Fox News angl

Patient Experience Means Making It Easier for the Patient…

I was reading a great article in the Harvard Business Journal by Dr. Sharon Kim and others about the patient experience and its effect on reducing missed appointments. A key highlight was over 3.6 million office visits are cancelled every year due to transportation issues which not only costs health systems and practitioners billions of dollars, but it also increases the strain on emergent patient costs. The article dives into how Johns Hopkins and other health systems are trying to reconfigure their hospital and medical office designs to reduce stress on the patient. They are also assigning advocates to greet patients and help with navigate the facility and deal with patient issues. The a

Time to Check Patient Engagement Programs Off Your To Do List…

Now that summer has unofficially ended, it is time to look at some of your goals for your office or health system. Aside from patient satisfaction, revenue growth and expense management, did you have other goals? Things like improving patient engagement, focuses on increasing your marketing efforts to current patients, or improving patient communication. These goals are the ones that you never seem to get to for one reason or another, but they are the types of projects that can put you over the top. They are also the type of projects that a company like Halo Health can handle for you to free up the time to focus on your big three. Halo Health works with you to make your offices patient fr

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