Happy Birthday Halo Health!

If I can humble brag a bit, Halo Health turns 7 this month. In this time, we took an idea and turned it into a company that has helped millions of patients learn more about their providers, their disease states and how to live healthier. But our work is not done. We need to continue to reach more providers to help them impact their patients. Halo Health has always had one simple goal- to help our friends and neighbors live healthier. We do that by working with our clients to create compelling content that explains the services their office provides with their look and feel. We do this commercial free, so the only messages patients hear are from their healthcare provider. And we do it f

In House Messaging Boards Are Not Patient Education

A couple of potential clients have told us that they are not interested because they have in house messaging systems in their lobbies. These systems alert people of cafeteria hours, parking validation procedures, gift shop hours, and the like. This is all important information for visitors, but it cannot be considered patient education. Patient education should be designed to help the patient navigate their health and their health system. It should focus on content that is compelling to the patient in terms of learning how to live healthier through diet, exercise, and proper nutrition, how to manage or avoid their health issues (or potential issues) like diabetes, COPD, obesity, hypertens

Time to Remove TV from Waiting Rooms

How many more tragic events need to occur to upset your patients before you decide to consider a digital patient education station for your waiting room? The argument that your patients want to watch TV to forget about their problems does not wash. The carnage that has been on TV since early September does not allow anyone to forget about their problems, but is a constant reminder of how bad life can be. Couple that with the incessant political news that never has a good bend on it (regardless of the side) and you have the makings of turning your waiting room into a steam room. The time waiting to see your health care professional should be a quiet time where people can prepare for their a

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