Help Your Patients Navigate their Health at their Bedside

Rehabilitation and traditional hospitals do a great job of educating their patients during their stay. They have systems that enable the patients to dial up a topic and learn all about how to care for themselves once they are released. They also do an excellent job of helping the patient navigate their health before they are discharged through the use of dedicated discharge planners. However, there is a way for you to do both better and at the same time. You can create a channel on your in-hospital TV system that constantly streams information about both the patient’s disease state and your patient’s navigation needs. These channels can include information about your outpatient rehab ser

Getting the Greatest Return Out Of Your Office Waiting Area

How about remaking your waiting area and turning it into a revenue source? Halo Health International, can help make a difference in your business. We help transform your waiting area into a revenue source through an integrated digital education marketing network. We create videos about your business and do reputation marketing of your business. All for less than the cost of your monthly cable bill. Our motto is Engage, Educate and Empower. Here are a few ways that we accomplish just that: Remove your newspapers and magazines – add an education system that promotes all your products and services. Talk about how you can help your clients by letting us help you tell your story through your own

Are You an Enabler?

I was talking to a doctor today about (what else?) digital patient education. The doctor was saying that digital patient education is a great way to engage patients before their appointments. He mentioned that it gave him a good vehicle to talk directly to his patients on his variety of services- and how they can help their patients. Patients were asking better questions, not giving him diagnoses. It was a lovely conversation. Until he said, “But our patients prefer to watch Spongebob.” Being the salesperson that I am, I countered that sure patients like Spongebob, but they like to be healthy more. During the 30 minutes they are in your waiting room, they can most likely survive withou

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