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Integrated Healthcare Works!

I was reading about some awesome work being done by foundations like the Nicholson Foundation and health systems like Cherokee Health to bring integrated health to the underserved and those with behavioral health concerns. The premise is that the more services you offer at the primary care office, the greater chance that patient is going to get the help that they need. This makes perfect sense as people are more likely to make excuses rather than go to follow up appointments and the like.

The best part is that they are having great results. They are reaching people who are uninsured or underinsured and providing them with high quality care. Their efforts are resulting in healthier communities and more health systems are using their concepts to improve care across the country.

The key to their success is educating their community on how to live better, educating their staff on their mission, and educating the healthcare world on their results. Their measurables are off the charts and prove that hands on care that is truly integrated works.

Halo Health is not a partner in these programs but would love to be. Our integrated education platforms would help reinforce the messages that the caregivers and patients are receiving from their care teams both in the offices and at home. And since our goal is positive outcomes, not selling product, our sole focus will be on speaking to the people who need the help.

The better we can integrate healthy lifestyle choices into our most at risk populations, the better the overall health of our society will become.

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