Do You Feel Like You Are Talking to a Wall?

You have just delivered some shocking news to your patient. After giving them enough time to process the information, you start to talk to them about their options. But instead of participating in the conversation, you get a series of head nods and “Yeahs”. When you are finished, you get the feeling that they did not comprehend a word that you said. This is frustrating on many levels- you wasted valuable time, you know you are going to have to repeat the information, and the time to start treatment is going to be delayed. Looking at it from the patient’s perspective, they are shocked, confused, scared, and disoriented. They could not hear you even if they wanted to. After they leave yo

Fix the Lack of Communication in Your Practice

Understanding what goes on in a medical practice is really difficult. Most patients have no idea what you do and really do not understand what is wrong with them. Most health professionals are not good at simplifying issues for the common person to understand. As a result, over 98% of people in a hernia surgery study did not know all of the risks associated with their surgery. The solution to this problem is complex- patients need to take a more active role in their health and take the time to understand what they should and shouldn’t do to stay healthy. And health professionals need to take the time to explain things in layman terms and give detailed explanations on the diagnosis, treat

Turn Your Patient Education to Gold

Summer Olympic fever has taken over the world. Everywhere you go, you ae urged to go for the gold. You have heeded their advice and your practice is almost world class. Don’t let your patient education hold you back. One of the most important ways to reduce readmissions, increase compliance, and improve Patient Satisfaction is to invest in Patient Education. The key is to educate before, during and after your patients’ appointments. The question is how to achieve this. Talk to Halo Health ( to get started. Halo Health’s comprehensive plan looks at your web and social media presence, your in office/in patient experience and your follow up plans to see where Digital Pat

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