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Fix the Lack of Communication in Your Practice

Understanding what goes on in a medical practice is really difficult. Most patients have no idea what you do and really do not understand what is wrong with them. Most health professionals are not good at simplifying issues for the common person to understand. As a result, over 98% of people in a hernia surgery study did not know all of the risks associated with their surgery.

The solution to this problem is complex- patients need to take a more active role in their health and take the time to understand what they should and shouldn’t do to stay healthy. And health professionals need to take the time to explain things in layman terms and give detailed explanations on the diagnosis, treatment plan and the need to follow the plan. But since both of these solutions involve our most precious commodity- more time- there will probably never be a match.

There is however a way to start bridging the gap. You can contact Halo Health to help create a digital patient education experience that starts with the initial visit and continues through their treatment. Halo focuses on three main areas for your practice:

  1. Group education in waiting and exam rooms that explain your practice, its services, your team, and general health and wellness information.

  2. Individualized education for in patients and after appointments that allow you to drill into disease states and conditions to reinforce your diagnosis.

  3. Continuing education for your social media, email blasts, and office follow ups. Halo provides access to its library to keep your patients motivated and engaged.

All of the content is tailored to your needs and are advertiser free. The only messages the patients hear are yours. The content is sourced from trusted organizations like the AHRQ, American Heart Association, CDC, and more. The information is given to patients in short segments to ensure comprehension and variety to keep them entertained.

The best part is that cost is not an obstacle. Halo’s most expensive programs cost less than $6 per day. Installation and content creation are painless and training takes less than 30 minutes. Don’t delay and contact Halo Health today at 856-520-8655 or at

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