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Common Complaints from Patients

Every time I speak to a non-medical person about their patient experience, I get the same few responses:

- “I wish they would tell me what I need to do in English.”

- “I don’t know what specialist I’d like to see, can’t they tell me who takes my insurance?”

- “I wait for hours only to see the doc for 5 minutes. I forgot what to ask them.”

If you would poll your patients, I am sure you would hear the same thing, plus “Why does everything cost so much?” You have a really hard job- you need to:

- diagnose, treat, and monitor more patients than ever

- complete more “paperwork” than humanly possible

- be available and responsive 24/7

And you need to run your business, manage your employees, grow your business, stay current on your education and more. Something must give!

Or maybe, you just need some help. You need Halo Health! Halo Health is a content management company that helps you with your patient experience from when they decide to see you through their treatment- and everywhere in between.

Halo provides customized patient education in waiting and exam rooms, on tablets, in your EMR, and through your marketing. We help you explain to patients the ways and methods that you believe will keep them the healthiest, not what some drug rep tells you.

Halo also works with you to build a strong social media presence to keep you top of mind with your patients. We help you on cool platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snap Chat and other places where your patients are going to learn about their health. We let you combat Dr. Google and other web experts by putting you “out there” so patients look at you as their resource for good health.

And we do it efficiently- being respectful of your time and money. Our clients often see rates of return over 1000%, I am not sure what other partners you are working with that can boast that.

Contact us (856-520-8655 or to get started. You will be happy that you did.

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