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Time to Remove TV from Waiting Rooms

How many more tragic events need to occur to upset your patients before you decide to consider a digital patient education station for your waiting room?

The argument that your patients want to watch TV to forget about their problems does not wash. The carnage that has been on TV since early September does not allow anyone to forget about their problems, but is a constant reminder of how bad life can be. Couple that with the incessant political news that never has a good bend on it (regardless of the side) and you have the makings of turning your waiting room into a steam room.

The time waiting to see your health care professional should be a quiet time where people can prepare for their appointment. Having a video screen giving patients information on how to live healthier, an explanation of the services that practice and your health system provider, and an overview of the people working in the office allows patients to think about health and wellness, learn techniques on living healthier, and formulate questions to ask during their meeting.

With just about everyone having a smartphone in their pocket that can stream any type of entertainment that they want, why would you pay for a service that does not help improve engagement, satisfaction, adherence or experiences? Invest in a system that is completely ad-free, personalized to your health system and practice, and keeps you between your competition.

I have never heard that a patient chose a provider because they have cable TV. I have heard and seen patients thank their provider for investing in them by having the education stations in the waiting room. I have also witnessed patients discussing ways to eat better, exercise more, or live better after a segment on our screens has aired.

Think about the victims of the latest attack. Would they be more comforted by learning more about the area hospitals and their staff or having a live feed of the disaster they just lived through?

Please contact me (856) 520-8655 or to discuss how we can help improve your waiting area education.

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