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Well Informed Patients are the Key to Risk Management

From a very high level, the real key to Patient Satisfaction scores is that the higher the level of satisfaction, the lower the risk of getting frivolous lawsuits filed against the hospital. It goes along the lines that a happier patient is less likely to complain about their services.

This type of thought process is really important at the local office level where the amount of time and care a patient gets is typically getting shorter and shorter. You need to manage their expectations of personalized care with your daily patient load.

One way to do this is to invest in customized digital patient education. This type of patient education allows you to speak to the patient about how to get healthier, how you are the key to that, and the ways you are going to help them. The more you focus on what to expect and the anticipated results (good or bad), the better informed your patients will be when you discuss their options.

Recent studies have suggested that well informed patients are significantly less likely to file frivolous law suits. This should be music to the ears of medical malpractice insurers, patient educators, and financial risk managers.

Knowing that for as little as $5 per day, you can start the education process either in your waiting rooms via a large screen monitor, in your exam or in patient rooms, on your portal, and through your patient email marketing system.

Companies like Halo Health work with your staff to hone the messages to make them digestible by your patients while still being effectively communicated. Our products work to personalize your health system and providers so your patients understand why they made the right choice.

As a risk manager, your job is to make sure you maximize products and services while minimizing costs and unnecessary damages. By making your patients smarter, you actually can achieve both goals at the same time.

Please contact Halo Health at 856-520-8655 to learn more.

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