Improve Your Interoffice Communication

Does this sound familiar? Your office is humming, patients are waiting, your staff is running around, everyone is harried- and then you see your key nurse going over some mundane instructions with a patient on treating a wound or your office manager working with a new hire on intake forms. You think about the chaos and the wasted time by your team and think "There has to be a way to automate our training." Your resources are too valuable to have to repeat yourself ten times a day on things that can easily be videoed and repeated all day. You need to speak with a company like Halo Health. Halo Health is a digital patient education company that works with you to customize the content for yo

The Best Way to Generate New Patients is from Your Current Ones

I speak to a lot of specialists and they always ask the same question- “How do I get more new patients?” I think they expect me to unveil a secret way that no one knows about. I tell them about traditional and social media platforms and the benefits of each. Then I ask them a question- “Do you tell your current patients what you do and why they should care?” The answer is usually a resounding “NO!”. The most effective way to grow your patient base is by increasing your referrals from patients who already are happy with your services. If you think of your practice in terms of a business, where else can you get 100 testimonials on your work every day? These disciples need to be better inf

Pharmacies- Get More Out of Your Waiting Areas

The retail pharmacy is becoming the meeting place that it was in the fifties minus the malts and burgers. We are using drug stores not only to get our prescriptions filled, but also as convenience stores. We are asking their pharmacist for advice on medications, what over the counter meds we can take to avoid prescriptions, and “what’s this” medical advice. Health insurance companies are relying on the pharmacies for medication management, counselling, flu shots, urgent care, and more. There is so much going on in the pharmacy but most are not doing a great job of telling their patients, consumers, and the general public. This is where digital patient education from a company like Halo H

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