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Improve Your Interoffice Communication

Does this sound familiar? Your office is humming, patients are waiting, your staff is running around, everyone is harried- and then you see your key nurse going over some mundane instructions with a patient on treating a wound or your office manager working with a new hire on intake forms.

You think about the chaos and the wasted time by your team and think "There has to be a way to automate our training." Your resources are too valuable to have to repeat yourself ten times a day on things that can easily be videoed and repeated all day.

You need to speak with a company like Halo Health. Halo Health is a digital patient education company that works with you to customize the content for your needs. While our typical content centers on your specialty, your staff profiles, your community activities, and general health and wellness tips, we can also work with you to solve patient education issues are pre- and post- op care, wound care, insulin training, and other routine issues that take up a lot of your team's time.

Halo Health can also help automate your training, adherence and compliance needs. By working with top compliance companies, we can supply training information in your break room to help reinforce the learnings your team has received in school, through CE's, or your health system.

How does Halo Health do this? Quite simply in fact. Halo Health's HDTV-based systems can go in waiting rooms, exam rooms, and break rooms because they only need power and an internet connection to get started. All of the content is customized to your needs, Halo Health manages all of the content and the network to ensure it functions properly and is updated regularly, all you need to do is provide the wall space.

Contact us today (856-520-8655 or to learn more. It will be the best five minutes you have spent on improving your business all day.

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