Yes is Only the Beginning

I have been talking to colleagues who work in a variety of industries, different sized companies and all over the corporate ranks about the difficulty to execute projects in today’s business setting. Even in meetings where everyone agrees to green light something, the next steps are taking weeks, months and years to execute. We came to the conclusion that when people say “Yes”, what they really mean is “Time to start the arduous task of making this happen.” The reasons are complex, but a simplistic view is that companies are more siloed and centralized than they want to admit. Getting projects through the myriad of approvals, checks and balances, and legal clearance is taking longer than e

Give Patient Education a Chance

As someone who is passionate about our company’s mission of helping our friends and neighbors live healthier through education, it is frustrating discussing patient education with most healthcare executives. Healthcare execs typically fall into three buckets: 1. Patients will never listen so why try? This defeatist attitude is the reason why patients fail. They can tell when their providers are indifferent and disinterested in them. The patients feel despair and tend to ignore their health. 2. Patients are sad, they need a break from their worries. That is great if you were providing patients with outlets to discuss their issues. Instead, patients are being placated with da

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