Integrated Marketing- the Next Step for Health System Marketing

As I was watching the umpteenth commercial for a local health system, I realized that there are a lot of terms in health care, continuity of care, continuum of care, team approach, integrative medicine to name a few, that focus on group care for their patients. The idea is that the more touch points that a patient has in the same health system, the greater the chance for them to live healthier. This makes sense to us in healthcare because we know things like the patient’s EMR, insurance coverage, and medication management are all handled seamlessly by staying in our health system. However, it is a message that continually gets lost in translation to the patient. To increase positive outco

Improve Patient Service with P.A.I.R.

We hear a lot about patient satisfaction, servicing the patients’ needs, and being patient centric. But what we are finding out, these terms mean different things to different people. Without a clear understanding of what service means, all parties involved can/will be disappointed. When we discuss service in our company, we focus on P.A.I.R., realizing that the patient and provider need to be coupled in order to achieve success. Proactive- the key to being a star in the service world is to anticipate what your client is going to need. This is no different in healthcare. Informing patients about flu shots is a simple example of this. You are letting patients know to get vaccinated well

Health Education The Digital Way – Why Should I Care?

So I work, I get free coffee, vacation and sick time, and even health benefits. Work life is pretty good. My insurance covers preventive and wellness visits. The appointment made, I walk into the physician’s office and there is a clipboard to welcome me where I sign in and then go sit and wait. There are some magazines – although I am not sure how old they are as they have been read so many times the spine is broken and then I remember I am in a MD office. Do I really want to touch that and read it? Ok so there is a TV let’s see what is on – great! It is the news and I really do not want to watch too negative. Did I just hear my name? Not sure so I look up to find a head sticking out of the

Why Health System Mergers and Partnerships Need Digital Patient Education in Waiting Areas

Congratulations, your health system has been acquired, acquired or forged a relationship with another health system! Your patients now have hundreds of new providers that can help them manage their health and wellness. Your partnership will enable you to provide better care, offer more comprehensive programs, and have access to the latest technologies. You have announced the alliance in the newspaper, on your website, through social media, in mailers and newsletters, and with signs in your offices. But how effective has that communication been with your current patients? Do they know how to access the network? Are your front office staff touting the new ancillary service providers? Did

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