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Health Education The Digital Way – Why Should I Care?

So I work, I get free coffee, vacation and sick time, and even health benefits. Work life is pretty good. My insurance covers preventive and wellness visits. The appointment made, I walk into the physician’s office and there is a clipboard to welcome me where I sign in and then go sit and wait. There are some magazines – although I am not sure how old they are as they have been read so many times the spine is broken and then I remember I am in a MD office. Do I really want to touch that and read it? Ok so there is a TV let’s see what is on – great! It is the news and I really do not want to watch too negative. Did I just hear my name? Not sure so I look up to find a head sticking out of the window that was behind the clipboard where I signed in. Wow, they did call my name but not to be seen by the doctor, but to show my card and collect a copay then I get to go back and sit some more.

More time goes by, then a door opens and someone calls my name and now to the inner sanctum! First to a scale and then to a room where I get to wait again. At least I am one step closer, so I read the box that contains alcohol pads, a chart on the wall which I may or may not understand and then a knock on the door and here we go! I get my vital signs taken and am told that the doctor will be with me in a few minutes. Ok so more useless reading and 15 minutes later here the moment happens! I get to speak with the doctor. Questions asked and answered, a prescription given to have blood work and some tests that I need to have done where do I go? I am told to speak with the people at the front desk and they will tell me. Sounds good to me and they should know, then the doctor asks if I have any questions – I say no and out we both go. I am left with papers in my hand so what now? With a follow up appointment made I leave with having more appointments to make.

This is where a digital education system comes in. A system placed in a waiting area not only educates you while you wait for your appointment on health, wellness and preventive care, it also tells you about who else is in-network and where people should go for additional care if needed. Education systems should do just that – educate. They should identify issues to start the conversation between you and your provider. So the question above gets answered – why should I care? It is in your best health education interest to care. Engage, educate and empower are very strong words. That is our motto – simple, yet very powerful. Let us help you help your clients. Call us today 856-520-8655 or email to learn more.

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