Rethink Your Marketing Plan

The key to success in business is very complicated. You need a lot of different factors to work together at the same time like a product or service that customers not only want or need, but are willing to pay for, a back room that allows you to deliver the experience economically and on time, and you need to collect more revenue than your costs. One of the main components of creating demand is a strong marketing plan. At this point, I know you are thinking- “No kidding”. But it is amazing how difficult it is to achieve a strong plan. When going through your plan, you need to ask yourself the following questions: What is our content marketing strategy? According to Michael Brenner, you n

Engage, Educate, Empower

Engage, educate and empower your patients so they have a more vested stake in their health care. Seems like a pretty simple concept. But it is getting harder and harder to achieve it. Between outside influences pulling the patient to your increased workload, sometimes the last thing either of you think about is managing the individual health of a patient. Luckily, technology, with help from a company like Halo Health, can start the process before the patient even sees you. Start engaging the patient from the moment they call your office. Direct them to a website that is both informative and friendly. Have easy to understand copy, intuitive layouts, and most importantly, all of the info

How Digital Patient Education Systems Help Patient Navigators

Picture this scenario, you just got discharged from a quick stay in the hospital. You are sleep deprived with your nerves frayed, hungry, scared, relieved, and confused. To make matters worse, you needed to sign your life away to get out, confirming that you were given information on dressing your wound, who to call in case of emergency, when you follow up appointments are, and who is coming in to help you out. When you finally get home, you suddenly feel anxious because now you need to change your first dressing. You need to recall all of the information that was just given to you. “Do I clean the wound then apply the medication? Or do I just wrap it? Can I get it wet? Oh, I really s

Customized Patient Education for Your Entire Health System or Practice

Patient Education is vital to positive outcomes. Patient education allows patients to become better educated on ways to improve their life. It engages them to understand how to live better. And it empowers them to take control of their life and live healthier. As an added bonus, well informed patients follow treatment plans better. Patient need to know how to manage chronic illnesses, how to live healthier, how to prepare/recover for/from surgery, where to get the help they need, how to care for themselves at home, what other services are available, etc. However, the current patient education process is not totally patient friendly. The patient is force fed information, papers to review

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