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How Digital Patient Education Systems Help Patient Navigators

Picture this scenario, you just got discharged from a quick stay in the hospital. You are sleep deprived with your nerves frayed, hungry, scared, relieved, and confused. To make matters worse, you needed to sign your life away to get out, confirming that you were given information on dressing your wound, who to call in case of emergency, when you follow up appointments are, and who is coming in to help you out.

When you finally get home, you suddenly feel anxious because now you need to change your first dressing. You need to recall all of the information that was just given to you. “Do I clean the wound then apply the medication? Or do I just wrap it? Can I get it wet? Oh, I really should have listened. Who do I call again?” Your loved one just shrugs their shoulders as they have no idea either.

To no fault of the patient navigators, this scenario is repeated thousands of times a day. Patients are given proper training, they are shown and told what to do, and are given written instructions. The patient really does leave the hospital well-armed. The problem is that the patient has other concerns like getting out as soon as possible and who is picking them up.

This is where digital patient education can help. Starting when the patient is preparing for their surgery all the way to being at home, you can show the patients how to convalesce in a format and forum that they are used to- on a TV or computer.

Good digital patient education is customizable to the services that you provide the patient. It is used to introduce who their caregivers will be during their stay, what expected side effects will be, where to go for further treatments, what is on the menu today, who is going to help them with setting up the treatment plan, and other important questions.

A company like Halo Health can help you with all three facets of digital patient education- waiting/exam room, in patient, and at home. Our solutions are reliable, inexpensive, and impactful. Contact us at 856-520-8655 to learn more.


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