Are you doing all you can to increase revenue and improve your referral base?

Most businesses want to increase business but fail to follow up with their clients. When you buy something at the store that you love, or have a really great meal out do you tell people? Of course you do! Well that is called the referral process. The best thing that your current clients can do for you is to tell their friends and family about the wonderful experience that they had while meeting with you or waiting to see you for their appointment. To create a great customer experience here are 5 very easy solutions to increase your referral base: Create a welcoming lobby or waiting area – freshen up the area with a nice coat of soothing paint. No harsh colors as you are trying to set a tone.

If Content is King, Why are So Many Health Systems Resisting Digital Patient Education?

You hear that phrase more and more every day. Over one billion YouTube videos are watched every day. Millions of people are Facebooking, Instagramming, Snapchatting, Tweeting and more. Every second of every day people are craving more and more content. Except when you go to see your physician. Here they rely on canned content like CNN, Fox News, Games Shows, Drug Commercials, and other inane daytime TV programming or worse Pharma sponsored Patient Education to placate patients while they wait for their appointments. There are no videos about the power of diet, nutrition, exercise, and mediation. No content on how to manage your disease state, how to lessen its effects, how to prevent it

Finally Patient Education Everyone Can Agree On

Getting healthcare professionals to agree on how important educating patients is easy. No rational person would say that a less educated patient is better off. However, gaining agreement on how to educate patients is nearly impossible. Good thing Halo Health has some many different options to satisfy everyone’s vision of patient education. Our digital patient education platforms allow for patient interactions before, during, and after appointments, during a hospital or rehab stay, at home, and on the go- basically any time you want to reach your patients, we have a solution. The cool part is that every solution is part video, part written word so we can visually and mentally impact the pa

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