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If Content is King, Why are So Many Health Systems Resisting Digital Patient Education?

You hear that phrase more and more every day. Over one billion YouTube videos are watched every day. Millions of people are Facebooking, Instagramming, Snapchatting, Tweeting and more. Every second of every day people are craving more and more content.

Except when you go to see your physician. Here they rely on canned content like CNN, Fox News, Games Shows, Drug Commercials, and other inane daytime TV programming or worse Pharma sponsored Patient Education to placate patients while they wait for their appointments.

There are no videos about the power of diet, nutrition, exercise, and mediation. No content on how to manage your disease state, how to lessen its effects, how to prevent it all together. There are no navigation slides that help patients manage your health system- telling them important stuff like where your specialty offices are located, what pharmacies are partners to ensure proper medication management, what radiology center or PT is close to their home. Just mainstream media blathering on.

Please don’t insult me by saying people need to get away from their problems. Most of their day is spent lost in the Kardashians and it does not seem to be making them live any better.

Respect your patients and your health system. Contact Halo Health today. They can help you create a personalized digital patient education platform for every part of your health system. Whether it is a broadcast style display in waiting rooms, a tablet program for exam rooms, or education channels in your inpatient facilities, Halo can integrate your in-house education and marketing content with their vast library of content to help educate patients and encourage them to take more control of their health.

Halo focuses its content to help patients navigate your health system, improve patient engagement, raise patient satisfaction survey levels, and boost patient adherence. Patients become better informed which we all can agree is a key in improving their health. they help you build a culture of learning and being patient focused. Not only in the care side but on the personal side of making sure patients understand what they need to do (buy-in) to make your treatment plans stick.

For less than a latte a day, you can start educating patients on why your health system has everything they need to be successful in managing their health. Call 856-520-8655 or visit to see how they are different.

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