Year End Marketing Checklist

It was a turbulent year in the healthcare arena with ICD-10 coming on board, EMRs ruling the world even more, and everyone talking about Patient Experience. As the days in 2015 wind down, now is a good time to review what went right (or wrong) in your practice. Most of the time, people only review their financials- income statement, balance sheet, cash flow, etc. - but you should also look at other aspects of your practice like personnel, expenses, expenditures, and, the focus for today, your marketing. Start by asking the following questions: How did your marketing perform versus expectations? You need to make sure that every marketing dollar that you spent has a purpose. Every piece of

Automate Your Pre-Op and Post-Op Patient Preparation Information

So you are giving your twentieth pre-operation preparation or post operation care explanation of the day when it hits you- “Shouldn’t there be a way to prepare our patients without this labor intensive process? This way every patient hears the same information, is given the chance to ask questions, and I don’t have to repeat myself a thousand times a day!” Well, if you work with Halo Health International, there can be. As you know, Halo Health can already provide your office with customized, ad-free HDTV based digital patient education in your waiting and exam rooms to help your patients learn about how you help them manage their health. But Halo can also help you with very specific infor

Increase Attendance at Your Community Events

Your office has decided to sponsor a community event like a talk or walk. How you promote the event to your staff, patients and community is the key to the event’s success. If you are like most offices, your office manager will put a couple of signs up around the office and may be run an ad in the local paper. It will generate a moderate amount of attention and you will get a fair result. But to get the best possible result, you may want to try the following ideas: Use the power of the Internet. Sites like or are excellent ways to tell thousands of like-minded people in your area about the event. Users can register (and pay for the event) online and you will re

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