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Increase Attendance at Your Community Events

Your office has decided to sponsor a community event like a talk or walk. How you promote the event to your staff, patients and community is the key to the event’s success. If you are like most offices, your office manager will put a couple of signs up around the office and may be run an ad in the local paper. It will generate a moderate amount of attention and you will get a fair result.

But to get the best possible result, you may want to try the following ideas:

  1. Use the power of the Internet. Sites like or are excellent ways to tell thousands of like-minded people in your area about the event. Users can register (and pay for the event) online and you will receive notifications about who is coming. You can add your marketing lists to their site and hit new and existing prospects at the same time.

  2. Use social media. Facebook and Twitter are great ways to reach people in your area. Use their advertising features to boost posts or tweets to generate the buzz. Direct people to your website or event site for more information and registration.

  3. Use your referral sources. Partner with your referral sources to reach their patients. This can be achieved by giving them signs, allowing them to co-sponsor the event and/or cross promoting their events.

Halo Health can help you with all three of these methods, but especially working with your referral sources. Our digital patient education systems allow you to speak directly to your patients about your event in your office as well as your colleagues’ patients in our network.

By simply sending us the event flyer, we can post it across our network and thousands of potential attendees will see it every day. The success of an event is reaching your target audience at least three times before they make a decision to attend. By using the Halo Health network, you are capturing patients at a time of heightened awareness and you can rise above the clutter of traditional media.

To learn more, please contact Halo Health at, at 856-520-8655, or at

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