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Automate Your Pre-Op and Post-Op Patient Preparation Information

So you are giving your twentieth pre-operation preparation or post operation care explanation of the day when it hits you- “Shouldn’t there be a way to prepare our patients without this labor intensive process? This way every patient hears the same information, is given the chance to ask questions, and I don’t have to repeat myself a thousand times a day!”

Well, if you work with Halo Health International, there can be. As you know, Halo Health can already provide your office with customized, ad-free HDTV based digital patient education in your waiting and exam rooms to help your patients learn about how you help them manage their health. But Halo can also help you with very specific information like pre-op prep and post-op care.

Automating these talks is actually a triple win for your patients, your staff, and you. By carefully crafting a script that covers all of the points that you want to discuss, videoing the script so it is consistently delivered, and letting the patient watch it on a loop, you are ensuring that the message will be heard and understood. Instead of your staff presenting the information and trying to read visual clues to see if the patient understands the explanation, you can simply administer a verbal test to confirm.

Your staff will thank you as they will lose a very repetitive part of their job. Your patients will thank you as they can learn at their own pace and ask questions at the end. And you will be happier as your staff will be more productive and your patients will be more prepared.

The process to do all of this is very easy. Halo will work with your staff to create the perfect script. We will tape your script, edit it, and then we have a viewing party. Once the video is approved, we will put a video system in your prep rooms to loop throughout the day. The program costs less than $2500 per year including equipment, installation, and maintenance.

Get started today by contacting us at 856-520-8655 or at

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