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Finally Patient Education Everyone Can Agree On

Getting healthcare professionals to agree on how important educating patients is easy. No rational person would say that a less educated patient is better off. However, gaining agreement on how to educate patients is nearly impossible.

Good thing Halo Health has some many different options to satisfy everyone’s vision of patient education. Our digital patient education platforms allow for patient interactions before, during, and after appointments, during a hospital or rehab stay, at home, and on the go- basically any time you want to reach your patients, we have a solution.

The cool part is that every solution is part video, part written word so we can visually and mentally impact the patient to ensure a more thorough understanding of their disease state or health goal. Our content explains how and why an issue may occur and how to manage the issue through the supervision of their health professional. We also offer good information on diet, exercise and nutrition since how you treat your body affects how it performs.

We have also partnered with We Care Patient Advocates to bring our education on the road. Each “Advocate” for We Care carries a tablet with a customized app on it. The app focuses on helping people manage their diabetes, obesity, COPD, smoking cessation, and more. It also allows We Care to provide medication management as they assess what medications are being taken and when. This information is then relayed to the patient’s medical team to determine if changes may need to be given to maximize their effect.

Our goal is to help our friends and neighbors live healthier. Please look to work with us. We have your patients’ best interest in mind. Our content is always customized to your needs and is advertiser free. Our revenue source is through a small subscription fee. This keeps us focused and beholden to you.

Call today at 856-520-8655 or email so you can see the difference.

Learn more about Halo Heath at or We Care Patient Advocates at

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