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Pharmacies- Get More Out of Your Waiting Areas

The retail pharmacy is becoming the meeting place that it was in the fifties minus the malts and burgers. We are using drug stores not only to get our prescriptions filled, but also as convenience stores. We are asking their pharmacist for advice on medications, what over the counter meds we can take to avoid prescriptions, and “what’s this” medical advice. Health insurance companies are relying on the pharmacies for medication management, counselling, flu shots, urgent care, and more.

There is so much going on in the pharmacy but most are not doing a great job of telling their patients, consumers, and the general public. This is where digital patient education from a company like Halo Health comes in. Halo Health provides customized, ad free education stations that are HDTV based for waiting areas, register areas and end caps.

Halo helps you tell your story to your patients during their time of need. We help you remind patients of the importance of telling you about all of the medications they take, why using one pharmacy to fill all of your scripts is smart, and why all medications should be taken until completion- all while they wait for their prescriptions. We also work with you to talk about your key services and initiatives that help your patients live healthier, eat better, and look younger.

The best part is that we can work with your vendor partners to help offset costs- potentially even making the program a revenue center for the pharmacy. Halo handles all of the content management, equipment management, and works with your marketing team to make sure we are only projecting the messages that you want to convey.

Stop losing out on potential opportunities to increase your sales, improve your standing in the community, and provide necessary added value to your patients. Contact us today ( or 856-520-8655) to get started.

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