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The Best Way to Generate New Patients is from Your Current Ones

I speak to a lot of specialists and they always ask the same question- “How do I get more new patients?” I think they expect me to unveil a secret way that no one knows about. I tell them about traditional and social media platforms and the benefits of each.

Then I ask them a question- “Do you tell your current patients what you do and why they should care?” The answer is usually a resounding “NO!”. The most effective way to grow your patient base is by increasing your referrals from patients who already are happy with your services.

If you think of your practice in terms of a business, where else can you get 100 testimonials on your work every day? These disciples need to be better informed on what services you provide, what diseases and ailments you treat, what your personal value statement is, and how all of this ties into making them healthier.

Halo Health helps you do this for less than $.02 a patient. Our HDTV based patient education systems go in your waiting areas and are then customized to promote your practice, your health goals, and you to your patients before their appointments. They become more informed on how to live healthier and how you are the key.

The content reinforces your messages so that patients begin to understand why your treatment plan is so important to their health. Patient satisfaction increases as they believe you are truly invested in their health. The patient experience is enhanced as your waiting room becomes a learning center and not a sitting area. Interactive engagement yields to more positive outcomes.

Redirect some of your print media (which runs over $800 per printing) and invest in a form of marketing that combines health and wellness education with information about you. The best part is that there are no outside advertisers- no drugs, retailers, fast food restaurants, and the like. Only your message.

Contact us today ( or 856-520-8655 to get started.

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