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Turn Your Patient Education to Gold

Summer Olympic fever has taken over the world. Everywhere you go, you ae urged to go for the gold. You have heeded their advice and your practice is almost world class. Don’t let your patient education hold you back.

One of the most important ways to reduce readmissions, increase compliance, and improve Patient Satisfaction is to invest in Patient Education. The key is to educate before, during and after your patients’ appointments. The question is how to achieve this. Talk to Halo Health ( to get started.

Halo Health’s comprehensive plan looks at your web and social media presence, your in office/in patient experience and your follow up plans to see where Digital Patient Education can be added to enhance your patient’s quest to good health.

Halo Health works with your web developer to add pertinent, accredited videos to your website to make you the resource for your patients instead of Dr. Google. They also help create a social media program that keeps you in front of your patients with both helpful hints and office happenings using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more. Halo also works with your staff to create a strong Patient Retention email program where you can send important information to your patients based on their disease state, time of year and more.

The best time to introduce health and wellness education is at the place and time of need. This is where Halo Health has a bevy of products that work in waiting rooms, exam rooms, in patient rooms, and in recovery and prep areas. These solutions are customized to your practice or health system so the only messages that your patients hear are from you. Engage, Educate and Empower your patients when they are ready to receive information.

Lastly, remember that most patients want to follow your instructions, it is just that they receive too much information at the end of their appointment. Halo Health works with you to create a quick and simple library of videos for you to email home to the patient to help them remember what you want them to do to care for themselves. Included in these videos is where to call for an emergency before going to the ER and what signs and symptoms are normal.

To get started, please contact us today at or 856-520-8655. By being education focused, you will get better outcomes and be more patient centric.

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