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Do You Feel Like You Are Talking to a Wall?

You have just delivered some shocking news to your patient. After giving them enough time to process the information, you start to talk to them about their options. But instead of participating in the conversation, you get a series of head nods and “Yeahs”. When you are finished, you get the feeling that they did not comprehend a word that you said.

This is frustrating on many levels- you wasted valuable time, you know you are going to have to repeat the information, and the time to start treatment is going to be delayed. Looking at it from the patient’s perspective, they are shocked, confused, scared, and disoriented. They could not hear you even if they wanted to. After they leave your office, they have no idea what just happened.

This scenario happens thousands of times every day and currently no one is working to fix it. However, you can be different. You can create a series of videos that explain the next steps. You can send these videos to your patients so they can review the information and replay it until they understand. You can create a quiet space in your office for patients to watch these and other videos that go into detailed explanations of their disease states. Quite simply, you could become a Halo Health partner.

Halo Health knows how to help you bridge that information gap. Their expertise is in communicating to patients in a simple and easy to understand manner the tough road they have ahead. When working with you, together you can create resources that allow you to help prepare the patient before, during and after their appointments. All of the content is customized to your patients’ needs and there is never any outside advertising from drug companies or retailers.

Halo’s platforms all utilize simple technology to stream videos into your waiting room, exam rooms, in patient rooms, or on your staff’s tablets to bring the education to your patients when they are ready to consume the information. Content is sourced for credible partners like the AHRQ, the CDC, and other government agencies and medical associations.

Getting started is easy. Simply call (856-520-8655) or email ( Halo Health. For less than $6 a day, your entire office can become better informed on how to deal with the disease states and treatment plans that affect them every day.

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