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Help Your Patients Navigate their Health at their Bedside

Rehabilitation and traditional hospitals do a great job of educating their patients during their stay. They have systems that enable the patients to dial up a topic and learn all about how to care for themselves once they are released. They also do an excellent job of helping the patient navigate their health before they are discharged through the use of dedicated discharge planners.

However, there is a way for you to do both better and at the same time. You can create a channel on your in-hospital TV system that constantly streams information about both the patient’s disease state and your patient’s navigation needs. These channels can include information about your outpatient rehab services, in home nursing services, physician information for follow up care, DME rental providers, and more.

These channels can incorporate your existing patient education videos with those from a provider like Halo Health. This style of education combines the very detailed and intricate information that a patient needs with lighter, shorter health and wellness segments from providers like the AHRQ, CDC, AMA, ADA, etc. This education channel will help keep the patient watching longer and hopefully will learn more than traditional methods of broadcasting the education.

Halo Health will work with you to customize your channel to highlight the physicians, nurses, therapists, and other hospitalists that the patient will need to work with during their stay. This helps to personalize care and connect your staff to their patient population.

Halo Health also helps you spotlight your community events to increase attendance and humanize your healthcare. This is especially important for preventative initiatives as the patient will most likely be watching the content with family members or will remember something from the channel to tell their loved ones. You are never more in turn with your health than when you are sick.

These channels can plug directly into your current TV system and are very simple to get up and running. Halo can work with your existing vendors to get the channels set up if you prefer. Give us a call today (856-520-8655) or email to get started.

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