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Time to Check Patient Engagement Programs Off Your To Do List…

Now that summer has unofficially ended, it is time to look at some of your goals for your office or health system. Aside from patient satisfaction, revenue growth and expense management, did you have other goals? Things like improving patient engagement, focuses on increasing your marketing efforts to current patients, or improving patient communication.

These goals are the ones that you never seem to get to for one reason or another, but they are the types of projects that can put you over the top. They are also the type of projects that a company like Halo Health can handle for you to free up the time to focus on your big three.

Halo Health works with you to make your offices patient friendly. We have numerous patient education platforms that help engage patients before, during and after their appointments. This engagement helps the patient become better informed about your health system, the services you provider, your staff of providers, your community involvement, and their personal health issues. It is all personalized for both your health system and the individual offices.

Halo also works with your staff to increase your communication to your patients. There is a lot more to patient communication than greeting them at the door. We work with you to improve your direct mailing, emails, social media, website, and portal communications so you are hitting patients with pertinent information at their time of need. This leads to increased referrals, more regular visits by your patients, and a more positive perception by your current patients.

The key with any Patient Engagement/Communication program is that your patients feel like you care. That buy in allows you to treat them more effectively. It means they will follow your plan more closely, and that they are more likely to recommend friends and family.

Work with Halo Health as we focus on the tactical side of these programs. We leave the number crunching to the Population Health people, this way you are not having the people putting in the plan also measure it.

If this sounds interesting, please contact us at (856) 520-8655 or It will be one more thing off your To Do list.

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